Stephan Meidell

I’m a musician and composer working out of Bergen, Norway, improvising my way through life and music doing concerts, sound design, dance & theatre work, as well as various sound installations. My main tools have been guitar and bass together with preparations, electronics, and amplifiers in sound sculpting, jazz, krautrock, electronica, and experimental electro-acoustic music. Later works also involve modular synthesizer and drum machines, and electro motors playing acoustic instruments. 

I have a background in jazz, from the Conservatory in Amsterdam, and have gradually moved from a more conventional jazz-idiom to genre-free music, where the key element is improvisation and extensive sound research.     

I build things that play old instruments in unusual ways. Not to be a smart-ass, but to reveal unusual and overlooked sounds in acoustic instruments. They are brimming with potential and possibilities that

are easily overlooked, and accessible using modern technology. 

My main interest is making new relationships and unusual connections. Hopefully providing an alternative view of what music, art, and life can be. And what potential lies in the unexpected encounter. I try to keep an open mind.

Current bands and projects are:

Erlend Apneseth Trio - combining Norwegian folk sounds with improv and electronics

TRIGGER - 16 mm projectors painting ink on transparent film in reaction to repetitious hybrid techno played by machines on a zither and analog synth

Metrics Ensemble - a baroque/techno hybrid ensemble with music from my "Metrics" album

Cakewalk - guitar, synth, and drums play improvised drone rock.

Strings & Timpani - guitar and drums improvising our way through countless genres.

Krachmacher - pop and noise-loving rock music with an impossible name.

I’m also a music critic and curator for new and experimental music.