Stephan Meidell

TRIGGER: Cycles & Causality

(Ideophone Records 2021)

Erlend Apneseth Trio with Frode Haltli: Salika, Molika

(Hubro 2019)

Erlend Apneseth Trio: Åra

(Hubro 2017)

Cakewalk: Ishihara (Hubro)

Erlend Apneseth Trio: Det Andre Rommet

(Hubro 2015)

Stephan Meidell: Cascades

(Hubro 2014)

Cakewalk: Transfixed 

(Hubro 2013)

Cakewalk: Wired 

(Hubro 2012)

The Sweetest Thrill: Jewellery

(Playdate Records 2012)

Erlend Apneseth Trio: Lokk

(Hubro 2021)

Voice & Strings & Timpani: Voice & Strings & Timpani

(Hubro 2020)

Stephan Meidell: Metrics 

(Hubro 2017)

Velkro: Too Lazy To Panic

(Clean Feed 2017)

Strings & Timpani: Hyphen 

(Hubro 2016)

Velkro: Too Lazy To Panic

(Clean Feed 2014)

The Sweetest Thrill: Strings & Timpani

(Playdate Records 2014)

Krachmacher: Paratrooper

(Playdate Records 2012)

Vanilla Riot: Stretch

(Playdate Records 2012)

Vanilla Riot: Stitch

(AIM 2009)